Some questions you hear more than others. We have decided to gather the most frequently asked ones along with the answers right here. Of course, you can still send us a mail at aW5mb0BmaWJlcnRleHBlcnNvbmFsY2FyZS5jb20=, if you have additional questions that need answering. 

1. Where is Fibertex Personal Care located?
We have two manufacturing plants which located in Denmark and Malaysia. Both plants specialize in producing nonwovens for the hygiene industry. 

2. What is the technology used by Fibertex?
Fibertex uses a spunbond/spunmelt technology to produce nonwoven fabrics for use in baby diapers, feminine care and adult incontinence products.

3. What is a spunbond/spunmelt technology?
A spunbond/spunmelt technology is an integrated one-step process producing nonwoven fabrics directly from polymer resins.

4. What is the product range offered by Fibertex?
We have three main products categories which are Fibertex Comfort, Fibertex Elite and Fibertex Dual. 

5. I'm looking for very light weight nonwovens, is Fibertex able to produce this? 
Yes, we produce nonwovens as low as 8g/m2 and upwards to cater our customer's needs. 

6. In what application we can use Fibertex materials? 
We offer products suited for a wide range of applications such as barrier leg cuffs, backsheet, topsheet, core wrap, laminates and fasteners. 

7. What are the product configurations produced by Fibertex?
Following configurations are available SS, SSS, SMMS, SMMMS and SSMMS. 

8. I'm interested in Printed Nonwovens. Can you print on nonwovens and what is the technology used for nonwovens printing?
Innowo Print, a Fibertex Personal Care owned company, is using a flexographic printing system for direct total-surface print on nonwovens materials. For more print details, please click this website www.innowoprint.de

9. I would like to send in an inquiry, how do I get in contact with Fibertex?
You may visit our "Contact" section listed above and click on the e-mail address. Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can.