Product lines

Our four product categories - Comfort, Dual, Elite and Loft are designed to meet different needs. All four can be used in products where low basis weight, high performance and softness are essential, such as in baby diapers, feminine hygiene products or adult incontinence products in applications such as; barrier leg cuff, backsheet, topsheet, core nonwovens, laminates and nonwovens for closure systems. 

COMFORT is a classic nonwoven. It has a low basis weight and a high performance. Our Comfort range includes both spunbond and spunmelt nonwovens.

ELITE gives the fabric superior softness and/or high barrier. The Elite product range consists of Elite Soft 2G, Elite Sense and Elite Barrier. Elite Soft with a distinctive soft touch and Elite Sense with a unique softness enhancing bonding pattern. Elite Barrier has unique barrier properties. Our Elite range includes both spunbond and spunmelt nonwovens.

LOFT is adding a third dimension to nonwoven. Greater volume and lofty structure for optimised cottony touch and feeling with an unprecedented level of softness.

Our DUAL line is a perfect solution, which provides supreme silky softness and enhanced drapeability. The product uses bi-component spunbond technology with an optimal polyethylene/polypropylene ratio.

 General characteristics


Basis weight:
8 g/m2 - 100 g/m2

Bonding patterns:
Standard 18% oval pattern.
Special softness enchancing pattern.
Other patterns can be developed jointly upon request. 

Various botanicals are possible including: Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Silk Protein, Vitamin E & Chamomile.

Slit width:
60 - 4200 mm

It is possible to use many of our products in sanitary hygiene products with the Nordic Ecolabel (Nordic swan label). 
Additionally many of our products conform to Oeko-tex 100 class I (Baby).