Fibertex Personal Care is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of spunbond/spunmelt nonwoven fabrics for key components in baby diapers, sanitary napkins and adult incontinence care products.
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Rolls of nonwovens
Raw material - polymer granules
Granules are extruded
Laydown on a moving belt
Thermally bonded
Quality control
Ready for shipping

Do you know what 
nonwovens are?

Nonwovens is a kind of fabric. As the word indicates it is not a woven fabric – weaving and knitting are never at part of the production method. This is what makes it special. It is manufactured by a complex technical process – where fibres, continuous filaments or chopped yarns are formed into a web and then bonded together. Finally it is rolled up – and our nonwoven rolls are used as key components in baby diapers, hygiene and incontinence care products.

The process