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Among the world’s largest manufacturers of nonwovens and printed nonwovens

Our group consists of the two business units Fibertex Personal Care and Innowo Print. Both business units – and brands – are among the world’s largest manufacturers within their individual areas of expertise – Fibertex Personal Care in nonwovens and Innowo Print in printed nonwovens. Both businesses are supplying key components for baby diapers, sanitary napkins and adult incontinence care products. Learn more about the Fibertex Personal Care Group and our two business units

About us

How can we reimagine, reduce and reuse?

As a manufacturer of nonwovens and printed nonwovens, we
know that our use of energy, solvents and polymer affects the environment.

We have always been committed to reducing the environmental impact from our operations, and as global challenges are now calling for urgent actions, we acknowledge that sustainability is real and here to stay.

Our efforts and vision

Working with us

We are dedicated to ensure a safe, inclusive and professional environment. We fundamentally believe that we are better together.

We work hard, we are flexible and have a sound work-life balance.

Career opportunities

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