Trust in our Fabric

We supply nonwoven fabrics for hygiene products.
But what we really want to deliver to our customers is peace of mind – from the first contact until our product completes theirs. The solution to this challenge lies not in the machinery, technology or people, but in the intersection of all three.

“Trust and reliability are our most precious assets. We are professionals, show respect to everybody and behave in a responsible manner – both in business and in society in general. We are experts in our field, and do not exist in isolation. By always listening to the opinions of others we strive to remain open-minded and flexible.”

This is the fabric of trust.


Fibertex Personal Care is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of spunbond/spunmelt nonwoven fabrics for the Personal Care industry, supplying products that are key components in baby diapers, sanitary napkins and adult incontinence care products.Through our Innowo Print brand, we possess a unique print technology, where colours and images are printed directly on many types of nonwoven materials. Innowo Print is market leader in direct printing on a wide range of nonwovens for the Personal Care industry.


The Fibertex Personal Care Group, including Fibertex Personal Care and Innowo Print, employs approximately 740 people globally.  Headquarter is in Denmark.


For our nonwovens business we have production sites in Denmark and Malaysia, and customer support offices in Japan and India.

Our Printing facilities are in Germany, Malaysia and in the USA.

Business area

Our customers represent well-known global consumer brands within baby diapers, feminine hygiene and incontinence care products.

Innowo Print

Through our Innowo Print brand, we possess a unique Flexographic technology – where  colours and images are printed directly on the nonwoven fabrics. This is done at our facilities in Germany, Malaysia and in the USA.

People Printing Perfection

A growing number of our customers have realised the many possibilities in having their design printed directly on the nonwoven fabrics. For instance, our print technology gives them the opportunity to enhance the visual expression and functions, which facilitates a range of differentiation possibilities.


Fibertex Personal Care A/S is owned by the industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co.

Legal Chart

Schouw & Co. is a listed industrial conglomerate that makes long-term investments in leading businesses in which active and developing ownership is performed. Currently, this include six large portfolio businesses:

With production facilities in 29 countries and with a total of around 10,000 colleagues – and sales to about 100 countries, Schouw & Co. is globally very active, and each year significant investments in growth and development are made.

In 2018 Fibertex Personal Care Group generated revenue of almost DKK 2.2 billion.

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Code of Conduct

Over the years, we have built a reputation of having high business ethics – and as an important contribution to our continuous success, we have made a common set of guiding principles to help all in our group to navigate across different cultures, traditions, local laws and regulations.

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The scope of this function is report of suspected illegal activities and behaviour conflicting with our ethical standards as defined in our Code of Conduct.

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Our history

It started with carpet backings. The year was 1968, and the technology was drylaid needlepunch. The business grew steadily. In 1996 it was time for adding a new technology  to our platform – spunbond technology. This investment made us able to move into the hygiene market. Fibertex Personal Care was born.


Investments in Malaysia and Denmark

Investment in an additional production line in Malaysia - close to existing plant in Nilai – but at a new location with opportunities for future growth. In Denmark, extensive upgrade of production lines is carried out. These investments will ensure our continuous competitiveness and ability to deliver unique products of highest quality.


Launch of new Loft-technology

Launch of new technology and product category - using our existing spunbond technology platform and extensive knowhow, we are now able to introduce a new technology - Loft Spunbond – making us able to produce Fibertex Loft nonwovens with unparalleled level of softness.

Innowo Print in Germany increases its capacity by adding a new line. The line is an eight-colour flexoprinting line.


Investment in the US

Announcement of our investment in printing factory in the US - we expect strong growth rates within this niche in the coming years, and therefore the American factory will be operational by the end of 2018.

We now globally employ approx. 680 people.


Innowo Print facility in Malaysia

Now ready to ensure supply of high quality print to meet the growing demand in Asia.

Launch of Innowo Print visual identity, including an iconic logo with a special emphasize on the letter "w", designed to show flow and collaboration inspired by the printing technique and process.


Full ownership of Innowo Print

Fibertex Personal Care acquired the remaining 85% of the shares in Innowo Print, the European leader in direct printing on nonwovens, which we co-founded in 2007. This strategic investment will further strengthen our position as a supplier delivering specialised products and services.


Change in organizational structure

Change in organisational structure implementing a corporate function to increase the alignment between our offices and to allocate resources for further development of the group.


Investment in new spunbond line in Malaysia

Investment in new spunbond line in Malaysia. Our seventh production line was put into operation end of 2013.


Offices in Japan and India

Establishment of sales offices in India and Japan enables us to be even closer to our customers and to increase our service.


Expanding in Malaysia

A new three-beam spunbond line is installed in Malaysia.
The separation of Fibertex A/S is now a fact - we are now Fibertex Personal Care. Globally we employ approx. 350 people - and can honestly say that the future looks bright.


Decision of splitting Fibertex A/S into two separate companies

- Fibertex Personal Care A/S and Fibertex Nonwovens A/S.

New Fibertex Personal Care visual identity. The new logo with a special emphasize on the 5th element, designed to symbolise the product itself, as well as the interconnectedness of people involved. It says: "We’re in it together. We depend on each other. Together we create."


Co-founding Innowo Print

Co-founding Innowo Print with 15% ownership – an innovative move and strategic important decision.


New spunbond/spunmelt production line in Denmark

Third spunbond/spunmelt production line was added in Denmark. At the same time, the operation of the existing production lines were successfully optimised.


Expanding in Malaysia

Another state-of-the-art spunbond/spunmelt production line was brought into operation in Malaysia, significantly strengthening our position in South East Asia.


Launch of our first product categories

Our three unique product categories – Comfort, Elite and Dual – were launched.


Going global

By the establishment of a manufacturing site in Malaysia we went global. The new spunbond/spunmelt facility strengthened our position in the Asian region, ensured shorter delivery times and enhanced competitiveness.


New owners

The Danish industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co. decided to take over with long-term stability and additional investment capabilities as result.


Certified according to ISO 14001

Certified according to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System – as one of the first spunbond/spunmelt producers in our industry. Also our new Q-Match – a quality management system - was implemented.


Second spunbond/spunmelt production line in Denmark

Investment in second spunbond/spunmelt line in Denmark to meet the increasing demands from the hygiene market.


The first Reicofil spunbond/spunmelt production line in Denmark

The first Reicofil spunbond/spunmelt production line came on stream in Aalborg, Denmark.


Beyond quantum leaps

Besides the technological quantum leaps, the ownership was about to change. In 1996 EAC divested the majority of the shares to Dansk Kapitalanlæg Aktieselskab, Kommunernes Pensionsforsikring A/S and to the management of Fibertex A/S.


In 1996 it was time for a change of pace.

Our company decided to go new ways – and to be the first - to investing in all-new spunbond/spunmelt production technology. It took place in Aalborg, Denmark. The investment made us able to expand the existing product programme and move into the hygiene market. The Fibertex Personal Care Division was born.


It started with carpet backings.

The year was 1968, the technology was drylaid needlepunch and the location was Aalborg, Denmark. Here, our company – Fibertex A/S - saw the light of day as a subsidiary of a major Danish conglomerate, EAC. Throughout the 1970-1980s the company grew steadily by adding geotextiles for the building and construction industry as well as fabrics for furniture and bedding.


Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. Around the world, they give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. With a Corporate Partnership, Fibertex Personal Care supports their efforts around the world – as children’s needs are naturally connected to our business environment.

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