Aalborg, Denmark*

Nonwoven fabrics


Ilsenburg, Germany

Printed nonwoven fabrics

Nilai, Malaysia

Nonwoven fabrics and Printed nonwoven fabrics

Asheboro, NC, USA

Printed nonwoven fabrics

New Delhi, India

Office - customer support

Tokyo, Japan

Office - customer support


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Mette Due Søgaard QA & Sustainability Director [email protected]
Morten Rise Hansen Business Development Director [email protected]
Morten Petri Frandsen Global IT Director [email protected]
Peter Reis Supply Chain Director [email protected]
Elsebeth Lykkegaard Communications Director [email protected]

Innowo Print

Florian Hahne Sales/Business Development Manager [email protected]
Jesper Jacobsen Corporate R&D Print Manager [email protected]
Mathias Eckardt Corporate Technical Manager [email protected]
Stefanie Kaiser Global Key Account Manager [email protected]
Anders Søgaard Operations Director [email protected]
Brian Udengaard R&D Director [email protected]
Karin Pedersen Human Resource Manager [email protected]
Kim Høgild Nørgaard Sales Director [email protected]
Tina Andersen Quality Manager [email protected]

Innowo Print

Bernhard Stradner Managing Director [email protected]
Sissy Keune Human Ressource Manager [email protected]
Dr. Susanne Krehl Quality Manager [email protected]
Timo Schauzu Manager Print & Customer Support [email protected]

Fibertex Personal Care

Belle Lim Suok Fung R&D Manager [email protected]
Dipesh Dilip Kumar Quality Manager [email protected]
Stephane Luthi Operations Director [email protected]
Martin Holten Commercial Director [email protected]
Tan Yen Gui HR Manager [email protected]
Wong Soon Kim Sales Coordination & Service Excellence Manager [email protected]
Lim Cheng Hoe Account Manager, ASEAN [email protected]

Innowo Print

Lee Keang Guan Production Manager [email protected]
Lee Chun Hooi Country Manager, China & Commercial Manager, Print [email protected]
Ajay Sahni Country Manager [email protected]
Mikiya Nomura Country Manager [email protected]
Quah Soh Teah Technical Manager [email protected]
Daniel Lee Ellingson Sales/Business Development Director [email protected]
Julie Newsom Managing Director [email protected]

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