Company bicycles to support better health

Most people know that an active lifestyle and regular exercise is promoting good health and well-being. However, for various reasons it can be difficult to implement this in people’s everyday life and adopting new healthier routines may demand extra support and encouragement.

As a responsible company caring for our employees, we wanted to support the implementation of healthier routines and at the same time increase accessibility to daily exercise for all employees.

We focused on finding something, which both the employees and their families could benefit from. Furthermore, it should appeal to a broad target group and be easy to sign up for.

Bicycling and E-bike fulfilled these criteria and was chosen. All employees at our German facility have been offered a company-financed leasing solution for bikes/E-bikes. This includes free training sessions, maintenance and safe bike shed at work.

20% of the colleagues at our facility in Germany have already saddled up – and the interest for joining is still growing.

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The process