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Increasing employees’ traffic safety

In Malaysia, transport accidents is a national problem and the fourth most common case of death. Statistics show that more than half of all road traffic deaths are motorcyclists – and only 75% of the involved wore helmets.

This knowledge combined with the fact that a large number of our employees use motorbikes as transportation to work, made us consider how we could avoid them from becoming part of this statistic and at the same time promote a safe traffic culture for the benefit of everybody.

We invited an officer from Malaysia Road Safety Department to elaborate on the statistics and to demonstrate how to act more preventable and predictable by taking proper precautionary measures in traffic. Some of the important conclusions and learnings our employees gained from this event were:

  1. Correct use of a good quality helmet reduces the risk of death by 42% and the risk of severe injury by 70%.
  2. Wearing a safety vest increases the visibility considerably and minimises risk of accidents – especially when it is dark.
  3. Checking the condition of the vehicle on a regular basis is a must and can prevent accidents.

After participating in this insightful session, our employees are aware of the importance of safety measures and qualified to act responsible in traffic – both as regards other drivers, themselves and their families.

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