High business ethics

Over the years, we have built a reputation of having high business ethics – and as an important contribution to sustainable solutions, we needed a common set of guiding principles to help our employees to navigate across different cultures, traditions, local laws and regulations.

We collected the principles in a booklet, which we named “Code of Conduct – In Practice”. We chose this title, as we wanted to use the possible dilemmas from our daily life as starting points.

To make it easy to act on our words and report any violation of these principles – and at the same time raise awareness and show its high priority in our Group, we introduced a whistleblower system. Accessible anonymous via our website – not only for employees but also for all business partners and other stakeholders.

All employees received the booklet and training/information were carried out globally across the entire organisation. We communicated this at all levels, emphasising our ethical guidelines, how to deal with dilemmas and how to access our Code of Conduct and whistleblower system at all times.

The result is a group workforce with common high ethical standards and references – no matter function, department or geography. And in addition an assurance that all employees are confident about how and when to report any dilemmas or conflicts they may encounter.

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The process