ISCC Plus certified nonwoven

Fibertex Personal Care wants to utilise sustainably sourced polymers as raw materials. The challenges is utilising novel polymers while maintaining the technical properties of the nonwoven products.

We reimagined our raw material supply chain and found that if we obtained ISCC PLUS certification, we would be able to achieve this. ISCC Plus is based on mass balance principle and the use of these certified raw materials supports a faster development and expansion of a supply chain for bio-based and circular polymers (recycled plastics). The principles observe high ecological and social requirements in the entire upstream supply chain and the CO2 emission is significantly lower than if based on 100% fossil-based polymers.

Bio-based feedstocks capture CO2 from the atmosphere and is based on feedstocks not in competition with the food chain, examples of feedstocks include tall oil (by-product from wood pulp manufacturing) and residues from vegetable oil processing.

Circular feedstocks contribute to improved waste management for various plastic waste streams that are difficult to recycle mechanically and contributes to CO2 emission avoidance vs. incineration.

Our new product offering is designed as a drop-in solution, meaning that it can be adopted in downstream processes without compromising process efficiency or final consumer product performance.

After working dedicated with this, we obtained ISCC Plus certification of our site in Aalborg, Denmark in June 2020. This makes us capable of supplying ISCC Plus certified nonwovens and thereby contribute to further promote recycling and use of sustainably sourced raw materials in nonwovens production.

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