Making sustainability data available to our customers

At Fibertex Personal Care, we have extensive data related to social and environmental performance at our disposal and we are happy to share these data with our customers for their environmental assessment of our performance.

In addition to sharing information and data for specific purposes with partners upon request, we are committed to live up to a high degree of transparency. To demonstrate this, we share data online through internally recognised broadly accessible platforms like Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Sedex Information Exchange (Sedex) platforms – and we offer access to the data for our trusted partners. Additionally, we share information both through our own ESG report: Environmental, Social and Governance Report (ESG) and through our owner Schouw & Co.: ESG 2023.

By sharing social and environmental data though the CDP and Sedex platform, and through a ESG report, we are able to efficiently share social and environmental performance data with our customers and in this way contribute to sustainable developments throughout the value chain.

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