Product Safety

While absorbent hygiene products are known to be safe, there is increased concern for trace levels of various compounds. Although the trace levels found in absorbent hygiene products are well below all regulatory limits, and do not pose any risk to health, we believe it is responsible to initiate harmonised consumer relevant testing and to participate in science-based transparent communication to inform the public.

Since we started production of nonwovens for hygiene products in the 1990s, we have paid special attention to the safety of our material, with focus on both intentional and unintentional substances that may be present.

We have worked diligently with our suppliers and customers, in order to ensure the continued safety of our products and to reduce the content of any unwanted Substances of Interest (SOI). In continuation of this work, we cooperate with our suppliers in order to meet and exceed the requirements from our customers.

Recently, we have worked with our trade organisation EDANA on “The EDANA Stewardship Programme”, which is a new voluntary initiative building on a series of voluntary initiatives under EDANA’s vision for the nonwovens industry to provide transparency and reassurance for consumers regarding trace levels of impurities found in absorbent hygiene products.

In addition, some of our products are certified by external organisations such as STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and Asthma-Allergy Denmark, and certified for use in absorbent hygiene products carrying the Nordic Ecolabel and/or the EU Ecolabel.

A responsible and cautious approach to monitoring chemicals of concern is our contribution to elimination of SOIs in the entire supply chain.

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