Stop food waste

The population in Malaysia is increasing rapidly – 33 million in 2022 – generating an estimated 38,000 metric tonnes of solid waste per day. The amount of solid waste is expected to continue piling up as the population grows – about 17,000 tonnes of food waste is generated per day. Despite its bio-degradable characteristics, which have high potential to be composted, nearly 80% of the food waste is still disposed at landfills. 

According to the data by landfill operator SWCorp Malaysia, 24% of this waste – equivalent to 4,005 tonnes -are still edible which can easily feed 2.9 million people three meals a day.

One of the way to reduce the amount of food waste going to the landfill is to compost it. To make our contribution to minimising food waste in landfills, we have set up a composting machine at our premises in Nilai. In this way we can now reuse the food waste from our canteen and turn it into composted soil.

The composted soil is given to local employees and they are encouraged to use the soil to plant more trees. Fibertex Personal Care Malaysia also donates soil to local farmers, Free Tree Society and via these partnerships contribute to growing more plants.

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