Supporting employee wellbeing at work

Our employees in Malaysia have a thorough health care insurance. This is known in several countries, where public services are limited. We experienced that more and more expenses were related to lifestyle diseases. Instead of continuing the previous way of managing employee health care, we chose to revise the way we offer employee health care programs.

To be diagnosed by a doctor together with a suggestion for lifestyle changes or being offered medicine to reduce blood pressure are only some ways of dealing with employee health issues. As employer and as a responsible company, we would like to do more than only offering a health care check and treatment. Our wish is to motivate our employees to be healthy and that is why we decided to do even more to support and inform our employees to make easier choices in daily life.

In 2022, we introduced a health program called “AIA Vitality”. The program consists of three basic elements. First, you get a health check by a medical officer, which gives you an overview of your overall health conditions and areas, where you can improve by either continuing or discontinuing your way of doing things. The second element is exercise, food and sleeping habits. And finally, the third element is a reward we offer the employee for participating and contributing. Each employee can follow own progress and improvements via an app and thereby obtain rebate coupons/vouchers and gifts.

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