Youth Employment

Many young people have trouble finding companies that will offer them an apprenticeship and offer the time and resources it takes.

Fibertex Personal Care would like to assume its social responsibility in relation to this and do more.

A good start to working life and to get solid qualifications are fundamental to the further progress of young people.  The positive experiences gained so far have inspired us to keep in mind when we have free positions, that internships and apprenticeship are good alternatives.

We now engage more broadly than we did before. The number of departments at the site in Denmark employing trainees have doubled during the last years and trainees are now employed in our Workshop, in Production, in Supply Chain and also in Finance. The trainees are typically covered by 3-year educational contracts and during the three years they will alternate between school stay and education at Fibertex Personal Care.

By taking on our social responsibility for young people to get an education in a company, we get a lot back in return. Employment of trainees help increase the diversity of the company and attract good talent. They keep us on our toes – and give a great deal of support when they contribute and inspire us with the latest knowledge from their school stay.

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