Start delivering certified CO2 reduced nonwovens solutions for more sustainable consumer products

We have now started supplying large quantities of ISCC Plus-certified nonwovens for the production of diapers.

The primary demand is bio-based nonwoven solutions and this new supply supports the ambitious goals for CO2 reductions. Since we first launched – and were certified to supply – nonwovens solutions fulfilling these demands two years ago, the market has experienced an increased awareness of environmentally friendly products influencing the demand for sustainable nonwoven solutions positively.

“It is a huge breakthrough for Fibertex Personal Care – and for the industry in general – as an important contribution to a more sustainable and responsible supply chain” says Mette Due Søgaard, QA & Sustainability Director”.

Our factory in Denmark achieved ISCC Plus certification two years ago – as the world’s first producer of nonwovens for hygiene and medical applications. Shortly after, our Malaysian factory obtained same certification. This now leads the way for adding new CO2 reduced consumer products on the shelves.

ISCC Plus is a supply chain certification for circular (recycled) and bio-based materials that provides traceability throughout the supply chain via mass balance. It also verifies that certified companies meet high environmental and social standards.

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